NHS set to roll out Blood test to detect 50 types of cancer

1 min read

NHS England is set to roll out a simple blood test that can detect more than 50 types of cancer. The test is able to pick up on 50 types of cancer before any clinical signs or symptoms of the disease and will be part of a new...

Model life-size human heart 3D-printed out of cardiac tissue-like material

2 min read

Imagine you are a doctor about to perform open-heart surgery on someone. Would it help if you could do a test-run before the operation with a perfect replica of their heart? A team of engineers specialising in 3D printing have pioneered a new technique to allow for surgeons...

The first Artificial Cartilage Gel Strong Enough for Knees

2 min read

Knee cartilage performs an important role in our bodies, acting as both a barrier to protect our joints from harm and a soft cushion. This amazing biological substance has proved difficult to replace. However, a breakthrough from bio-engineers at Duke University is set to change that. The team...