2016 Top Engineering Story: CRISPR

2016 Top Engineering Story: CRISPR

In the lead up to 2017 we are looking back at the last year. Taking some time to look at our most popular topics and to look at what stories have had the largest impact on Engineering

The Born to Engineers Top Engineering Breakthrough 2016

What do we think was the biggest breakthrough of 2016? It has to be the big leap forward in the use of CRISPR which has made Genetic Engineering a medical reality.

Between a new CRISPR system (which can switch single letters of the genome cleanly and efficiently beginning developed at Harvard) and the USA unanimously approving the use of CRISPR in humans CRISPR looks set to completely revolutionise how we approach medicine in medium-term, and what it constitutes to be human in the long term.

Watch Kurzgesagt In a Nutshell explain how “Genetic Engineering Will Change Everything Forever”

Look back at some of our CRISPR posts this year.


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