Q-Bot secures £3M funding

Q-Bot secures £3M funding

Q-Bot – the intelligent robotics and AI tool which monitors and maintains buildings – has successfully completed a £3m Series A investment round.

The British company was backed by investors including Wealth Club, EMV Capital and Fundamental as well as continued support from its existing investor base.

Q-Bot aims to use the investment to continue its growth to meet the needs of social landlords as well as expand sales to private homeowners and international markets.

I am delighted that we have found a group of investors who share Q-Bot’s vision to become the world leader in robotic solutions that inspect and apply materials to buildings. From surveying tower blocks to manoeuvring around under suspended floors to apply insulation, Q-Bot’s technology is being used to transform processes across the construction sector. Our customer-led approach, paired with a unique combination of robotics, AI and building expertise, has allowed us to identify a huge commercial opportunity to disrupt the status quo and in doing so, strengthened the potential to have a positive social and environmental impact. Q-Bot’s CEO, Mathew Holloway

The cash should help accelerate Q-Bots growth plans and allow the startup to move into new markets and expand its technology portfolio.

Since being founded in 2012 Q-Bot has emerged as a strong leader in robotic and AI solutions for inspecting and applying materials to built structures.

The company is remarkable not just for its prolific development of cutting-edge technology, but its success in commercialising these solutions and scaling up.

Mathew Holloway Was Born To Engineer

Might you have already seen the Q-Bot in our Born to Engineer film in 2016? The compact remote-controlled robotic vehicles can crawl around floor voids applying polyurethane foam insulation to the underside of timber or suspended concrete ground floors.

Engineer Matt Holloway and his team have designed and built a robot designed to get into small spaces that can insulate your home. A robot literally designed keep you warm through the long cold winter nights?

How the Q-Bot Works

The Q-Bot works by survey a site to create a 3D map. Once created the team can assess and plan the installation and then use the remote-controlled SprayBot to apply polyurethane foam insulant to a depth of 100 to 150mm under the floor.

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The insulation installation is then recorded and measured so that coverage is applied to a uniform depth.

According to QBot Victorian-era properties have experienced a 78% heat loss through their floors and 40% reduction in cold air after installation – a massive 24% increase in a houses overall energy efficiency.

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