How to Find the Right Engineering Placement at University

engineering careers  How to Find the Right Engineering Placement at University

We have added a new resource to our resource section. This week we are looking at how you can pick the perfect placement for an Engineering placement at University.

If you find yourself studying towards an engineering degree, it’s possible you will be required to undertake work placement or a year in industry. These can be invaluable insights into life as a graduate engineer, and they will also be powerful additions to your CV when you do finally apply for an engineering job.

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Indeed, it’s worth bearing in mind that prospective employers will look favourably on applicants who have relevant work experience when applying for an engineering job. What’s more, a year in industry/university work placements bring with them a host of professional and personal benefits for you. These include:

  • Giving you an insight into the sort of job role you can expect upon completion of your degree.
  • Giving you the chance to make valuable industry contacts and grow your professional network.
  • Applying your theoretical knowledge and classroom learning in a practical context.
  • Developing the inter-personal skills that will help you in the workplace.

The challenge for students is knowing where to find placements when they are at university. In some cases, your work placement/time in industry will be organised or pre-arranged for you. At the very least, there will be a number of organisations and resources to help you secure a placement.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the resources out there to help you find the perfect university placement, and give some advice to ensure that you can make the most out of your university work placement.

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