Rocket Moon Collision – here’s what we should worry about

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crashing rocket will create new crater – here’s what we should worry about It’s not often that the sudden appearance of a new impact crater on the Moon can be predicted, but it’s going to happen on March 4, when a derelict SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket will crash into...

SpaceX Starship touches down safely

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SpaceX's 50m-tall Starship has successfully a trial high-altitude ascent and landing. The perfect touchdown follows four previous tests that saw rockets destroy themselves during final landing manoeuvres. SpaceX's latest prototype, Serial Number 15 (SN15), has broken the companies explosive streak by touching down safely at SpaceX's R&D...

Stunning time-lapse from inside the Crew Dragon

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Japanese space agency (JAXA) astronaut Soichi Noguchi has created a breath-taking timelapse from inside SpaceX’s Crew Dragon. NASA astronaut Mike Hopkins shared the time-lapse on Twitter. Noguchi, Hopkins and 8 others are currently onboard the International Space Station. The time-lapse was taken within Resilience - SpaceX’s Crew...