SpaceX shows off its awe-inspiring heavy booster

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SpaceX has successfully stacked its' 'Super Heavy' booster, the largest rocket booster ever built. The booster marks a milestone in SpaceX's long journey to creating its Mars-bound Starship off the ground. The booster is part of the SpaceX Starship System. The system is made from a booster stage,...

SpaceX set world record for satellites launched

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SpaceX has set a new world record by launching 143 satellites on a single rocket! The US Private Space company beaten the previous record held by the Indian space agency ISRO's of 104 satellites in a single launch in February 2017. The 143 included commercial and government...

Starlink satellite internet service rolls out beta kits across the UK

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Great news for those suffering from spotty internet in rural locations. The Starlink satellite internet service has now been approved by Ofcom. Starlink is part of SpaceX and is aiming to compete BT, Virgin, Truespeed and OneWeb to provide internet to people across the UK in difficult to...