The future of UK Tidal energy

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Here’s why UK tides are soon going to play a much bigger part in powering your home Tidal energy has long lurked at the back of the UK’s renewable energy arsenal, outshone by its wind and solar counterparts due in part to early issues with technology readiness and high...

Sweden in race to turn steel green

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Northern Sweden is seeing a race between two steel giants as they race to turn the technology green. H2 Green Steel has revealed plans for a €2.5 billion hydrogen-powered steel plant in Boden, Sweden. The firm is racing again steel giant Hybrit who is testing similar hydrogen steel...

Sydney is currently on 100% renewable energy

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'The City of Sydney' is now completely powered by green energy from solar and wind farms. 'The City of Sydney' ( a bit like the 'City of London' ) is the core commercial borough of the larger Sydney metropolis and home to 250,000 people. So while impressive, there...