Norway on track to hit 100% electric vehicle sales

3 weeks ago — Quick Read

Norway is set to sell its last petrol or diesel card early next year - smashing its government target by three years. New Analysis from Norwegian Automobile Federation's (NAF) shows...

Electric NXT eyes airspeed record

3 months ago — Quick Read

Electric NXT - aka E-NXT - is setting its sights on the world speed record for an electric aircraft. The single-seater aircraft is developed by Electroflight alongside engineering heavy-hitters Rolls-Royce....

VW reveal working prototype of autonomous robotic charging point

10 months ago — Quick Read

Volkswagen has revealed its' working prototype for a robot which can autonomously charge your electric cars.

New Hydrogen Powered Supercar can drive 1000 miles on a single tank

1 year ago — Long Read

Meet Hyperion XP-1 - a hydrogen-powered supercar which promises 1,000 miles on a single tank Hyperion - a US-based company - is betting on hydrogen-power for their new supercar. They...

A new high-capacity EV battery materials could double driving range

2 years ago — Quick Read

A team of material science researchers have announced a brand new carbon-silicon material which could more than double the driving range of electric vehicles. If future electric vehicle (EVs) batteries...

Latest stats show the internal combustion engine in terminal decline

2 years ago — Quick Read

New figures show that the internal combustion engine has now entered a period of terminal decline within the UK. The latest stats, from SMMT, show that 'alternatively fuelled' vehicles reached...