Virgin wants to turn its Green Broadband Cabinets into EV Charging Points

3 months ago — 1 min read

As Electric Vehicles sales boom there is going to be no such thing as too many charging points on UK streets. Currently charging an Electric Vehicle (EV) can take anywhere...

Dyson’s First Electric Vehicle Might Skip Using A Solid-State Battery

1 year ago — 1 min read

A new report from the Financial Times has cast doubt that Dyson will be able to start producing an electric vehicle with a solid-state battery by 2020. James Dyson addresses...

Harley Davidson wants to become the Tesla of motorbikes

1 year ago — 1 min read

Last year was a rough year for Harley-Davidson with a 6.7% drop in worldwide sales. The company is planning to tackle this slump with the creation of an electric Harley....