Drones set to deliver Burgers and beer in Reykjavík

Drones set to deliver Burgers and beer in Reykjavík

Icelandic company AHA is set to expand the number of drones it operates in Reykjavik.

The company has teamed up with Flytrex, an Israeli company, to phase in more drones from now until 2020.

Aha ambitious goal is to see Reykjavik residents receiving drone deliveries to their door. If the company pulls it off Iceland will be well ahead of other European cities who are still struggling balancing drone technology with existing regulatory hurdles. The convenience of drone delivery must be offset against the safety concern of residents.

Currently, AHA has permission to fly thirteen different routes across Reykjavik. The company is allowed 700m around the agreed routes to reach customers. This currently covers 50% of the city and the initial phase will see around 20 delivers a day.

To keep the public safe Aha has agreed to a maximum payload of 3kg (6lb 9oz).

You’re not going to see a refrigerator flying above your house anytime soon Yariv Bash, founder of Flytrex on the safety concerns of residents

The company will be using modified DJI Matrice 600 hexacopters for their deliveries. With that 3kg payload, we calculate they should have an effective range of around six miles.

While weight limits might be a major sticking point for most mainstream retailers (don’t expect your next washing machine to be delivered by drone any time soon) AHA is hoping to sell lighter foods burgers, sushi and beer to hungry consumers.

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