ANTOLIN i.JUMP open innovation challenge enters second phase

engineering careers  ANTOLIN i.JUMP open innovation challenge enters second phase

The ennomotive Grupo Antolin ANTOLIN i.JUMP open innovation challenge – which gives engineers the chance to win a cash prize of 10,000 euros – has entered its second phase.

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Back in May we reported on ennomotive’s latest challenge with Grupo Antolin.

The aim of the challenge was to find technical solutions that improve life onboard a vehicle. Ideas to improve cooling a car cabin, better product traceability, or interior lighting.

While they might not be a household name, Grupo Antolin is one of the largest manufacturers of vehicle interiors in the world. The three challenges were designed to develop innovative solutions for different aspects of the in-car experience.

The first challenge revolved around finding new functions based on intelligent systems to improve life on board the vehicle that can be operated without user intervention.

That first challenge has been successfully completed! In total 73 full solutions were submitted and Grupo Antolin has now awarded prizes to five of those entries (two joint first prizes and three secondary awards).

The air quality challenge was won by the Serbian engineer, Petar Smiljanic; with the new smart functions challenge awarded to Turkish consultant, Can Akgün.

The company awarded three secondary prizes to proposals from professionals in Spain (Manuel Ortuño), the United States (David Barron) and the United Kingdom (Cillian Hickey).

The next challenge

The next challenge is now open and seeks to improve product traceability.

The goal is to find a reliable and low-cost sensorization and data-collecting solutions to monitor the status of a product at any given stage of a high-pressure and high-temperature manufacturing process.

The competitions is now live and open to engineering professionals, startups, companies, universities and tech centres from anywhere in the world.

If you are interested in participating you can register on and submit your solution before the competition closes on December 16th.