Revolutionizing Temperature Regulation: Albotherm’s Smart Coating Technology

Revolutionizing Temperature Regulation: Albotherm’s Smart Coating Technology

In the quest for sustainable solutions, Albotherm, a spin-out from the University of Bristol, has developed an innovative temperature-responsive coating for greenhouses.

This advanced polymer technology, designed to coat glass, reacts to external temperature changes, transitioning from transparent to white. This automatic adjustment allows buildings and greenhouses to regulate their temperature passively, reducing or increasing solar gain as needed.


The coatings are tuneable to transition temperatures between 18°C and 45°C, creating comfortable internal temperatures in various climates. This technology can potentially enhance food productivity in commercial greenhouses by up to 34%, presenting a significant business opportunity.

The Impact of Smart Coatings on Energy Consumption and Food Production

Temperature regulation is a significant contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions. Air conditioning alone accounts for 20% of electricity usage from buildings and 10% of global electricity usage.

The new intelligent coatings offer a way to manage temperatures inside buildings and greenhouses without needing high-energy solutions.

The hope is that this will not only reduces global emissions but also saves costs for end users. In agriculture, maintaining optimal growing conditions year-round is an energy-intensive process. Albotherm’s coating presents a solution that improves crop yield while reducing thermal management emissions, contributing to a more sustainable and resilient food system.

Securing Investment for a Sustainable Future

Albotherm’s dedication to sustainability and its innovative approach to temperature regulation has resonated with investors. The company recently secured a £1.6 million investment, led by Green Angel Ventures and supported by a £500,000 Innovate UK grant.

This funding will enable Albotherm to develop further its intelligent coating technology, scale manufacturing capabilities, and complete large-scale commercial pilots. The goal is to bring the first products to market within the next two years.

The development of Albotherm’s temperature-responsive coating is a testament to the potential of sustainable technology in tackling global challenges. It’s a bright idea for shade, promising a future where buildings and greenhouses can regulate their temperature, reducing energy consumption and boosting food production.

  • Albotherm, a University of Bristol spin-out, has developed a temperature-responsive coating for greenhouses.
  • The layer transitions from transparent to white in response to temperature changes, allowing buildings and greenhouses to regulate their temperature passively.
  • This technology could enhance food productivity in commercial greenhouses by up to 34%.
  • Albotherm recently secured a £1.6 million investment to develop its intelligent coating technology further.

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