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Revolutionizing Temperature Regulation: Albotherm’s Smart Coating Technology

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In the quest for sustainable solutions, Albotherm, a spin-out from the University of Bristol, has developed an innovative temperature-responsive coating for greenhouses. This advanced polymer technology, designed to coat glass, reacts to external temperature changes, transitioning from transparent to white. This automatic adjustment allows buildings and greenhouses to...

Innovate UK offers a glimpse at Cities of the Future

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With over two-thirds of our population living in urban areas by 2050 the demands on cities’ services will increase significantly. In the latest of its "predication" videos Innovate UK is offering a glimpse at what it thinks cities will be like in the next few decades? Technological improvements...

Delta MiTRE micro-turbine offers a HUGE range boost to electric vehicles

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Turbine-electric vehicles could be the next big thing to take the automotive industry by storm. There has already been a turbine powered Mack Truck, a turbine powered Big Rig and a Chinese turbine powered super car. However the next BIG thing looks to be micro-turbine created by Delta...