#Energy efficiency

Revolutionizing Temperature Regulation: Albotherm’s Smart Coating Technology

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In the quest for sustainable solutions, Albotherm, a spin-out from the University of Bristol, has developed an innovative temperature-responsive coating for greenhouses. This advanced polymer technology, designed to coat glass, reacts to external temperature changes, transitioning from transparent to white. This automatic adjustment allows buildings and greenhouses to...

Perovskite Solar Technology: Unlocking Abundance, Affordability, and Printability of Solar Cells

Deep Dive

Silicon solar cells are an established technology for the generation of electricity from the sun. But they take a lot of energy to produce, are rigid and can be fragile. However, a new class of solar cell is matching their performance. And what’s more, it can now be...

One Week to Go Until European ban on halogen lightbulbs

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On September 1st Europe is set to ban halogen light bulbs. The ban could save consumers around £112 a year as they switch to LED alternatives. The humble halogen light bulb has been a fixture of our streets and homes for the last 60 years but their...