Google’s Autodraw AI — Convert your awful doodles to clip art

engineering careers  Google’s Autodraw AI — Convert your awful doodles to clip art

Google is showing off its latest innovation from Google’s AI Experiments program – Autodraw. This new system builds off a machine-learning tool previously developed called Quickdraw. This used a neural network to try and guess what object you are trying to draw as you draw it.

Autodraw goes a step further than Quickdraw and convert your doodle into clip art on your phone.

Google’s AI Experiments have been slowly showing off fascinating artistic or creative uses of its neural net over the last few years.

… a new web-based tool that pairs machine learning with drawings created by talented artists to help you draw.

The program acts as an open-source resource and offers code and tutorials to anyone with creative ideas.

So far the program has generated projects involving everything from object-recognition machine-learning to a system that lets you play a live piano duet with a computer!

AutoDraw 1

Critics on social media have pointed out the machine’s inability (or as we suspect unwillingness) to recognise more immature doodles. Google’s AI seems above schoolyard humour.

The web-based app for free and it’s available on everything from smartphones to tablets and desktops

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