The Moment – a movie you control with your mind?

4 years ago — Quick Read

A graduate student at the University of Nottingham has just released a new film which you control with your mind. Richard Ramchurn, a graduate student from the University of Nottingham,...

New ‘Visions of Science’ Art Prize and Bursaries Aim To Merge Art with Science

4 years ago — Quick Read

The University of Bath is has created a set of new Art Prizes and Bursaries aimed at art pieces which reflect, represent, capture or depict modern day scientific phenomena. Awarded...

Bath University merges Art & Engineering in “Engineered Equanimity”

4 years ago — Quick Read

Bath University is celebrating the boundaries between Art and Engineering in their latest exhibition "Engineered Equanimity".

A Giant octopus and historic ship come together to create new coral ecosystem

5 years ago — Long Read

A group of conservationists led by Sir Richard Branson has created the BVI Art Reef - an underwater art installation centered around the Kodiak Queen - a World War II...

Google’s Autodraw AI — Convert your awful doodles to clip art

5 years ago — Quick Read

Google is showing off its latest innovation from Google's AI Experiments program - Autodraw. This new system builds off a machine-learning tool previously developed called Quickdraw. This used a neural...

Robot Arranges Rocks by Age and Type

6 years ago — Long Read

Jllem, by Artists Prokop Bartoníček and Benjamin Maus, is an art installation that sorts pebbles from the German river Jller by their geologic age.