The Moment – a movie you control with your mind?

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A graduate student at the University of Nottingham has just released a new film which you control with your mind. Richard Ramchurn, a graduate student from the University of Nottingham, new film 'The Moment' is designed to Let you be the director by using your brainwaves. The film...

New ‘Visions of Science’ Art Prize and Bursaries Aim To Merge Art with Science

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The University of Bath is has created a set of new Art Prizes and Bursaries aimed at art pieces which reflect, represent, capture or depict modern day scientific phenomena. Awarded through the Andrew Brownsword Gallery at the University of Bath, the inaugural prize is open to all artists;...

Bath University merges Art & Engineering in “Engineered Equanimity”

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Bath University is celebrating the boundaries between Art and Engineering in their latest exhibition "Engineered Equanimity". "Engineered Equanimity" showcases work from Steven Pippin; mechanical sculptures exploring mass media, cosmology and quantum physics sit alongside a wind turbine that can generate energy from static electricity. As a place...