Work underway on Wiltshire Dyson tech campus

engineering careers  Work underway on Wiltshire Dyson tech campus

It is offical – work is now well underway at Dyson’s Wiltshire technology campus.

Sir James Dyson joined Jo Johnson (Minister of State for Universities and Science) to break ground at the end of November as development of the new undergraduate village at the Dyson Institute of Engineering and Technology got started.

The new ‘village’ will add to the existing 56-acre Dyson campus in Malmesbur and should be finished in September 2018.

The site will provide accommodation to Dyson undergraduate engineers as well as a library, café, screening room and shop. The site will sport 78 modular ‘accommodation pods’ (students will actually have their own front door, a bed, study area, shower room, storage and large windows which will make the most of Wiltshire’s views) which of course be furnished with the latest Dyson technology.

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The accommodation pods will be arranged in a semi-circle around a two-story circular communal clubhouse. The clubhouse will house a library, café and screening room.

This years 33 students & Sir James Dyson at The Dyson Institute

Dyson is looking to invest over £31m in the Institute over the next five years and aims to use the Malmesbury campus to teach a bespoke engineering undergraduates syalbus.

Students will split their time between working towards their Bachelor of Engineering Degree and working on projects for Dyson.

A further expansion will be accommodated at the newly acquired 750 acre campus at Hullavington Airfield, where Dyson is restoring the historic aircraft hangars.

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