Kids Invent Stuff seek ‘Notification’ ideas!

2 years ago — Quick Read

Youtube channel, and Born to Engineer favourite, 'Kids Invent Stuff' want your ideas for Notification Inventions, with the winning entry built by real engineers.

Live Q&A With Jet Suit Inventor Richard Browning

2 years ago — Quick Read

We featured Richard Browning in our latest Born to Engineer film. Born to Engineer is hosting a live iAMA with Richard today on Reddit between 19:30-20:30 GMT. You can participate...

‘A risk worth taking’ – Richard Browning is Born to Engineer

2 years ago — Quick Read

Richard Browning grew up making model aeroplanes with his aeronautical engineer father. Inspired, he now is taking flight engineering and technology to the next level.

“This Is Engineering” launch Series Two

3 years ago — Long Read

Following on from the success of the "This Is Engineering" initial campaign earlier this year, the team is back with another round of clips and interviews.

Kids Invent Stuff seek designs for Gravity Racers

4 years ago — Quick Read

Youtube channel 'Kids Invent Stuff' has launched a search for Gravity Racers designed by children aged 5-11 years old. The winning entry will be built by real engineers.

Engineer Asier Marzo has created a sonic tractor beam … which you can build at home

5 years ago — Long Read

Have you ever wanted to create an acoustic tractor beam to allow you to move objects with sound? Engineer Asier Marzo has not only proved it is possible but produced...