“This Is Engineering” launch Series Two

“This Is Engineering” launch Series Two

Following on from the success of the “This Is Engineering” initial campaign earlier this year, the team is back with another round of clips and interviews.

This is Engineering is led by the Royal Academy of Engineering, in collaboration with EngineeringUK.

The team hope to show more young people what engineering really looks like, and how it could be an exciting and rewarding path for them in the future.

The series is built around short 30-60 second videos which are going out across Youtube as paid promotions. So far the channel has clocked over 3.3 million views and 500 subscribers.

The project is supported by BAE Systems, National Grid, Anglo American, BP, Centrica, Rolls-Royce, Shell UK, Siemens and BT; and sponsors Mott MacDonald and WSP. The scoping phase of the project was supported by Airbus, Atkins, Babcock, BAE Systems, GKN, Jaguar Land Rover and National Grid.

Alongside the short clips, the team have produced longer interviews. These dive into the detail and we are perfect for getting a bit more info about the various routes open to you in Engineering. They are well worth a watch.

Ala – how she provides a platform for hospitals, airports and more

Inspired by the vast buildings and structures around us, Ala turned a love of Lego and making into a career that helps create the tunnels and underground structures we rely on every day to live, work and travel.

Alan – Walk Wizard

A love of creativity and working with his hands took Alan into engineering. After completing an apprenticeship, Alan now makes braces and surgical splints that help people who have difficulty walking get back on their feet.

Enass – how engineering helps hospitals store lifesaving energy

A determination to protect the environment and help those in need drove Enass to set up her own company producing batteries that store renewable energy and help provide power for hospitals, schools and homes in the developing world.

Sonya – Dream Maker

Sonya combined her love for storytelling with her love for maths to build a career in the film industry. She’s made magic happen on screen by creating visual effects for films like Beauty and the Beast and Avatar.

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