How the World’s Tallest Rockets Stack Up

How the World’s Tallest Rockets Stack Up

Ever struggled to visualize the sheer scale of SpaceX’s rockets? Visual Effects Youtuber ‘Corridor Crew’ have put together a video that shows off the Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy, and BFR rockets in real-life situations – the results are jaw-dropping.

The video, which Elon Musk shared on Twitter, shows 3D models produced by Reese Wilson.

Up to now, SpaceX has been using the Falcon 9 ( which is 230-foot tall and has a diameter of 12 feet ) to send satellites into space.

The Falcon Heavy completed a test flight with the Tesla Roadster earlier this year. The Falcon Heavy is essentially multiple Falcon 9s stuck together. It is currently the world’s most powerful operational rocket.

Both will be dwarfed by the BFR. The company hope the BFR will carry humans to Mars and have initial tests planned for 2019, with the aim of it being operational in 2024. It will stand at 348 feet tall, have a total mass of 9.7 million pounds and a diameter of 30 feet!

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