5 More Moon-landing innovations that changed life on Earth

3 years ago — Deep Dive

Today is the 50th anniversary of the start of the Moon Landing missions. Apollo 11 was launched by a Saturn V rocket from Kennedy Space Center on Merritt Island, Florida,...

SpaceX successfully deploys 60 Starlink satellites

3 years ago — Quick Read

The SpaceX has successfully kicked off the roll-out of its orbiting broadband system with the launch of 60 satellites.

Satellites set to pinpoint the worst greenhouse gas producers

3 years ago — Long Read

The next gen of satellites is all set to pinpoint producers of greenhouse gases across the globe. At least a dozen companies and countries are now on track to launch...

The UK Space Agency Wants Your Ideas

4 years ago — Quick Read

Interested in a share of £50,000? SatelLife Challenge, spearheaded by the UK Space Agency, is looking for the innovative satellite ideas from the UK’s young engineers and scientists. The goal...

The European Space Agency to launch satellite with highest-ever data capacity

4 years ago — Quick Read

The ESA - European Space Agency - has partnered with ViaSat for a £60m deal to create a super-high data capacity satellite to bring Wi-Fi to planes and areas currently...

#cubesat NASA’s ultra-thin built-in batteries set to free up valuable space on CubeSats

5 years ago — Long Read

"Space" is a valuable commodity when it comes to CubeSats! Engineers at NASA's Kennedy Space Center and the University of Miami have developed an ultra-thin, solid-state battery, which should allow...