Engineers predict optimal magnetic fields for suppressing instabilities in Fusion reactors

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Fusion processes are present wherever we look. However, the process drives the sun and stars has long eluded physics here on Earth. Fusion sounds too good to be true. By merging light elements in hot charged plasma ( a state of matter made up of free electrons and...

Sweden on track to hit its 2030 renewable energy target … this year

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A surge in wind turbines in Sweden mean the Nordic nation is on track to hit its 2030 renewable energy target this year. The Swedish Wind Energy Association has announced that a boom in wind turbine installs means that by the end of 2018 Sweden will have 3,700 turbines online....

Engineers drastically lengthens battery life

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Engineers are charging forward with the development of a new environmentally safe high-powered lithium-sulfur substitute which could drastically lengthen the life of your batteries. The team, from the University of Texas, have just published their work in the journal Nature Nanotechnology. Common lithium-ion batteries only have a certain...