Meet the Engineers who built a human-skin printer from Lego

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Sourcing human tissue samples for biological investigations isn’t always easy. While they are ethically obtained through organ donation or from tissue that’s removed during surgical procedures, scientists are finding them increasingly difficult to get hold of. Lego bricks have standardised parts and can be found across the world....

Meet the Engineer Who Published Scientific Papers Using His Own Lego Microscope

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Engineer Yuksel Temiz got so fed up with the limitations of expensive microscopes that he built his own... out Lego. Futurism interviewed Engineer Yuksel Temiz about his job photographing extremely tiny subjects as a microelectronics engineer at IBM’s Zurich Research Laboratory. In laymen's terms, Yuksel job involves...

This is (quite literally) the World’s Coolest LEGO Set!

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A world-leading group of ultra-low temperature physicists from Lancaster University decided to place a LEGO figure and four LEGO blocks inside their record-breaking dilution refrigerator. The team used a special "dilution refrigerator", which was built specifically for Lancaster. The machine is the most effective refrigerator in the world....