Drones in Construction — An Aerial View of the Future

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There is an aerial revolution happening across the world. Drones have emerged as a unique tool within many different sectors. This isn't surprising, as their benefits range from on-site safety...

Is Engineering the solution to global energy demand?

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The global demand for energy is growing exponentially each year as countries develop and their population's increase. These rapidly changing trends in how we use energy are shaping the way...

Infographic — How To Become an Engineer

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Recent research from Jobsite has revealed product designer, developer and engineer to be the three most appealing jobs in 2017 The research marks a shift away from aspiring to a...

Infographic — Digital Imaging Sensor Technology

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This year three innovations across three decades nabbed the Queen Elizabeth Prize

Infographic — What does a structural engineer do?

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Think of a structure as the human body: each body part should be healthy for it to be able to function as a whole. A structural engineer focuses on the...

How is Engineering Providing Solutions for Clean Water?

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According to 2016 research by the Water Research Foundation, the average household uses over 300 gallons of water every day, with indoor water usage accounting for about 70 per cent...