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Free – James Webb wallpaper pack to celebrate its first images

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This week NASA dropped the first images from the James Webb space telescope ... and we think it would be fair to say they have exceeded the most optomistic expectations of what we were going to see. To celebrate we have optimised five of our favourites wallpapers to...

JWST – Fully Focused

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NASA and the ESA have announced that the alignment of the James Webb Space Telescope is now complete. The Space Agencies have confirmed the telescope is now capable of capturing crisp, correctly focused images with each of the crafts 4 onboard science instruments. The announcement marks the...

James Webb goes super-cold

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James Webb Space telescope 'Mid-Infrared Instrument' (MIRI) has now reached its incredibly low operating temperature. The US space agency NASA confirmed that the instrument - assembled in the UK - is now at a frosty -267C. This is just six degrees above absolute zero. The MIRI camera and...