3D printing a castle on the nib of a pencil

2 years ago — 0.5 min read

A team of Engineers from TU Wien have demonstrated a new 3D printing technique that allows them to print a nano scales. This mind-blowing video shows a castle being printed...

Stanfords new method for recording bird flight in 3D shows how birds deform their wings

2 years ago — 1 min read

Engineers at Standford University have developed a new 3D method for recording the shape of birds’ wings during flight.

Meet Octobot – a 3D-printed robot that uses microfluidics rather than electronics

2 years ago — 1.5 min read

Engeineers at Harvard's Wyss Institute for Bioinspired Engineering are showing off their 'Octobot'. The small autonomous robot is powered by chemical reactions controlled by microfluidics. It is 3D-printed and has...

Police obtain access to smartphone by 3D printing victims fingerprint

2 years ago — 1 min read

Police in the USA have found a way around past the notoriously hard to crack smartphone fingerprint protection by scanning and 3D printing the owners finger tips. Biometrics experts from...

3D printed truck spare parts developed by Mercedes-Benz

2 years ago — 0.5 min read

This September, Mercedes-Benz is promising to make 30 spare plastic parts available to print for its cargo trucks. The innovation is led, in part, by a backlog in the parts...

Arthritis sufferers offered hope by bio-printed cow cartilage

3 years ago — 1 min read

A new 3D printing technique from Penn States Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences has produced cartilage from strands of bioink