MakeUK ‘Makers Meet’ brings Manufacturing into the twenty first century.

engineering careers  MakeUK ‘Makers Meet’ brings Manufacturing into the twenty first century.

MakeUK, the largest trade body for manufacturing in the UK, has announced its first major event aimed at 16-to-24 year-olds.

Makers Meet will take place in Birmingham on October 12 and is about all things Manufacturing.

The event main goal is to attract more young joiners into the UK manufacturing industry. Bridging the existing skills gap is seen as vital to the sector’s long-term prospects. To do this the ‘Makers Meet’ worked with a 12-strong culture council made up of people in their late teens and early-20s to plan the event.

MakeUK currently has 5,000 member companies and a well-established apprentice training program. The team behind Makers Meet hope the event will attract around 1,000 people and become an annual fixture on the Engineering careers calendar.

The event should provide a boost to the manufacturing sector if it can draw more young people into its talent pool and make a dent in the UK wide skill shortage.

The event will feature presentations and interactive workshops run by small engineering businesses like robot builder Hausbots, drone race organisers XBlades Racing, and 3D printing machines experts Snapmaker.

The event is one of a handful aimed at generating interest in manufacturing specifically; rather than Engineering more generally. However, that doesn’t mean that engineering-based organisations are not throwing their weight behind it. Engineering charities Smallpeice TrustEngineeringUKStemnet; and Birmingham Tech Week are all supporting the event.

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