Get It Made Unveils New Fund to Advance Women in Innovation

Get It Made Unveils New Fund to Advance Women in Innovation

Get It Made, a London-based manufacturing powerhouse is stepping up its commitment to women in innovation by introducing a new 2023 grant. This financial support is aimed at fostering the potential of women in various tech industries and increasing female employment within UK’s industrial sectors.

As a nod to International Women in Engineering Day on 23rd June, the grant is tailored specifically for women who lead engineering, design, technology, and manufacturing enterprises. This includes fresh start-ups, and the grant winner will be gifted £5,000. But it’s not all about money. Get It Made will also lend its seasoned industry knowledge to help navigate the potential pitfalls that young, women-led businesses may face in the current challenging economic landscape.


The program first saw daylight last year and instantly became a beacon for hundreds of applicants from across the UK. The main aim is to uplift female entrepreneurship in what is still a predominantly male sector.

This grant is open to engineering enterprises founded or headed by women and consisting of fewer than ten employees. Grant applications are accepted until midnight on 31st July 2023 and can be submitted via the company’s website.

Jenny Button, Founder and CEO of the FemTech start-up, Emm, who received the grant last year, shared her success story: “This grant allowed us to streamline our design process and bridge the crucial gap between prototype and production, especially for an application as intimate and challenging as ours. Innovation isn’t a walk in the park, and this grant has allowed us to achieve more with less. We hope it inspires more women in innovation to propel their ideas forward and attract further investments into overlooked areas such as female health and wellness.”

Luke Smoothy, the Founder of Get It Made, said, “We’re overjoyed to lend our support for the second consecutive year to the ongoing endeavor of boosting female representation in the UK industry. We believe grants like ours can dismantle the obstacles standing in the way of female-led enterprises. We’ve seen some promising developments – for instance, recent research showed a rise in female engineering workforce to 16.5%, up from 10.5% in 2010. But it’s not enough; we need to see this growth mirrored across all sectors where women are currently underrepresented.”

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  • Get It Made has announced a new 2023 grant to support women-led innovation.
  • The grant is tailored for female leaders in engineering, design, tech, and manufacturing.
  • The winning enterprise will receive £5,000 and expert guidance.
  • Applications are open until July 31st, 2023.10

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