Using AI in agriculture could boost global food security – but we need to anticipate the risks

4 months ago — Deep Dive

As the global population has expanded over time, agricultural modernisation has been humanity’s prevailing approach to staving off famine. A variety of mechanical and chemical innovations delivered during the 1950s...

KFC to test 3D bioprinted lab-grown chicken nuggets

2 years ago — Quick Read

Fried Chicken giant KFC announced this week it will be testing chicken nuggets made with 3D bioprinting technology this year. The fast-food chain will be trialling the cutting edge chicken...

Tokyo office brings new meaning to ‘healthy office environment’ – grows own food in vertical farm

2 years ago — Quick Read

The Tokyo headquarters of human resources company Pasona Group has used their office space to grow 200 different species of fruits, veg and rice. The crop is harvested by and...

Drones set to deliver Burgers and beer in Reykjavík

4 years ago — Quick Read

Icelandic company AHA is set to expand the number of drones it operates in Reykjavik.

Global Seed Vault planning multimillion-pound fortification

4 years ago — Quick Read

The Norweigan government has proposed a 100 million NOK to upgrade the Svalbard Global Seed Vault. The proposed investment, around 10 million Euro's, is designed to enhance the long-term performance...

UK Startup fuses Engineering and Traditional Chocolate Making

5 years ago — Quick Read

Candy Mechanics, a start-up based in London, has introduced the first 3D consumable product to be created directly from any smartphone – your own head made in chocolate. Your browser...