Drone delivers straight into your hands

Drone delivers straight into your hands

Cambridge Consultants has developed a new drone delivery concept that is able to place items directly into customers’ hands while authenticating deliveries using codes flashed from your phone’s LED

Engineering research company Cambridge Consultants have unveiled a drone delivery concept called DelivAir. DelivAir promises it can deliver a package directly into someone’s hands, using coded patterns sent via a phone’s LED flash to identify the recipient.

The company believes this method of delivery is perfect for items that are needed instantly or critically like a first aid kit to a hiker, emergency relief packages to disaster areas, or for delivering medical supplies like an EpiPen.

Delivery is a two-step process. The drone uses GPS to locate a person via their smartphone before switching to a 3D-imaging system which locates and authenticates the recipient of the package.

This system is as about as close as we’ll get to instantaneous matter transportation in our lifetimes… Pinpoint-accurate delivery to any smartphone may improve the feasibility of life-saving applications for dronesHenry Fletcher, a senior engineer at Cambridge Consultants

This final step is done by using the person’s phone to flash the drone. The LED can then blink a coded pattern which is verified before the drone lowers the package down on a stabilizing winch.

The compelling concept gives us a possible glimpse of the future for package delivery.

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