A Lunar gold rush has just kicked off start

7 months ago — Deep Dive

Could exhaust the solar system in fewer than 500 years Territorial claim? US astronaut Buzz Aldrin salutes the American flag. NASA The US president, Donald Trump, has stuck to his...

SpaceX successfully deploys 60 Starlink satellites

7 months ago — Quick Read

The SpaceX has successfully kicked off the roll-out of its orbiting broadband system with the launch of 60 satellites.

Engineering Questions – Could we move the Earth? We get a rocket scientist to explain

7 months ago — Deep Dive

In the Chinese science fiction film The Wandering Earth, recently released on Netflix, humanity attempts to change the Earth’s orbit using enormous thrusters in order to escape the expanding sun...

Beresheet: first privately-funded mission crashes on moon, but its significance is huge

8 months ago — Deep Dive

It came so close. It even took a selfie. But with only a few kilometres left to descend, something went wrong and the spacecraft Beresheet veered out of control, taking...

How to Understand the first image of a black hole

8 months ago — Quick Read

Astronomers from Radboud University in the Netherlands have captured the first ever image of a black hole. The black hole - located 500 million trillion km away in a distant...

Japanese Space Agency bomb asteroid

8 months ago — Quick Read

Japanese spacecraft Hayabusa2 has successfully dropped a cricket-ball sized bomb onto 162173 Ryugu to better understand the origins of our Solar System. At 03:13 am today Hayabusa2 approached the asteroid;...