Shetland spaceport gets planning approval

4 months ago — Quick Read

Construction of a spaceport has cleared its last planning hurdle after Shetland Islands Council granted permission for it to be built. Work on the Saxavord Spaceport could start as early...

Top Engineering Videos – Smarter Everyday

4 months ago — Quick Read

We are kicking off our new list of top STEM video content with probably the biggest STEM channel out there - Smarter Everyday

Black Holes – Astronomers spot ‘invisible’ black hole for the first time

5 months ago — Deep Dive

Astronomers famously snapped the first ever direct image of a black hole in 2019, thanks to material glowing in its presence. But many black holes are actually near impossible to...

Tonga eruption: we are watching for ripples of it in space

5 months ago — Quick Read

The ongoing volcanic eruption in Tonga began in December 2021, but it wasn’t until 5:15pm local time on January 15 2022 that the powerful explosion occurred. It generated an enormous...

How Artemis 1 will pave the way for a human return to the Moon

6 months ago — Deep Dive

On December 19 1972, astronauts Eugene Cernan, Harrison Schmitt and Ronald Evans splashed down safely in the Pacific Ocean, ending the Apollo 17 lunar mission. They were the last people...

Space missions to look forward to in 2022 – Asteroids, the Moon and Mars

6 months ago — Long Read

Astronomers ended 2021 on a high with the launch on December 25 of the James Webb Space Telescope, a joint mission between the European Space Agency, Nasa and the Canadian...