#Queen Elizabeth Prize

QEPrize awarded to the creators of GPS

1 year ago — Long Read

This year the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering has gone to the team behind the Global Positioning System (GPS).

Infographic — Digital Imaging Sensor Technology

3 years ago — Quick Read

This year three innovations across three decades nabbed the Queen Elizabeth Prize

Engineers who revolutionised modern Digital Imaging Sensors win £1 million Queen Elizabeth Prize

3 years ago — Long Read

Three Engineers who have revolutionised the modern visual world across three decades with; the charge-coupled device (CCD); the pinned photodiode (PPD) and the complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) image sensor...

Create the Future report shows engineering is vital for economic growth

5 years ago — Quick Read

The Queen Elizabeth Prize for engineering released its Create the Future report today. The report was commissioned to mark the presentation of the Queen Elizabeth Prize to Dr Robert Langer...

Second winner of the Queen Elizabeth Prize announced

5 years ago — Quick Read

The Royal Academy of Engineering has named Professor Robert Langer of Massachusetts Institute of Technology as the second winner of the Queen Elizabeth Prize. Professor Langer has been granted the...

A worthy winner of a worthy prize

5 years ago — Long Read

Robert Langer is a worthy winner of the Queen Elizabeth Prize. Firstly, he’s personally deserving. His work has been vital in saving many lives and promises to be instrumental in improving...