STAT announces the most innovative idea of 2016 – A prosthetic arm that can ‘feel’

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Born to Engineer favourite STAT has just announced the winner of its "most innovative idea" poll that pitted 32 innovative discoveries published in peer-reviewed journals last year against one another to find the best new ideas in science and medicine. The winner was work conducted by Engineers at...

New prosthetic device attaches directly to bone and can be controlled by user’s nerves

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Dr Max Ortiz Catalan, a biomedical engineer, has developed a new prosthetic advice which affixes to the user’s humerus through a titanium implant, and can be controlled by the user’s own nerves and muscles. Dr Catalan claims that this allows the user to control the prosthetic with a...

Amputee able to feel textures again thanks to bionic fingertip

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A team at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland have developed a bionic finger which has been surgically connected to the nerves of a man who had his lower arm amputated, allowing him to regain his sense of texture. The bionic finger contains electromechanical sensors that...