The Moon – What Moon Missions are planned for 2023?

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2023 is set to be a bumper year for Moon missions. Russia, India, and the European Space Agency are all gearing up to launch missions. This follows on from a successful 2022 which saw NASA's Artemis I mission make a successful lunar orbit. However, the coming year sees...

China reveals plans for ‘Laurel Tree’ lunar base

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China has revealed how it plans to use hollow lava channels underground on the moon to offer a natural shield against space radiation and extreme temperatures on it's new ‘Laurel Tree’ lunar base. Currently in the design phase, the base will be a huge project for Chinese space...

Maxar awarded first Lunar Gateway contract

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Nasa has awarded the first contract for its lunar space station. NASA has awarded Maxar Technologies the first contract for its Lunar Gateway space station. The US Space Agency has asked Maxar to build the power and propulsion element (PPE) of the planned gateway station. Illustration - The...