Engineering Talks – River Monitoring in Cold Regions

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Joey Simoes - a masters student in the Department of Civil Engineering, University of Manitoba - has created a short video that explains in under one minute his thesis. Simoes masters focuses on water resources and ice engineering and uses photogrammetry, image processing, and machine learning, to...

Engineering Talks – Ruth Amos on The Problem, How I Solved It, and Where it Has Taken Me

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How does a GCSE project turn into a design company with international reach? Touching on the themes of young ambition, fear, common sense, education and entrepreneurship, Ruth recounts the extraordinary adventure that taking the leap to build her own start-up took her on. As a keen, challenge-hungry...

Engineering Talks – Colossus & the Breaking of Lorenz

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By the end of World War Two 10 Colossus machines were working around the clock to find the start wheels of the Lorenz-encrypted messages. These machines made a huge impact by accelerating the code-breaking and enabling many more messages to be deciphered and it is sometimes said that...