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Hydrogen fuel cells allowing data centers rethink of how they use electrical systems

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US tech giant Microsoft has begun experimenting with hydrogen fuel cells as a replacement for traditional diesel backup in its data centres. Microsoft hopes that the development of hydrogen fuel-cell tech as a replacement for diesel backup will enable data centre to rework existing electrical systems. The idea...

4 ways microbial fuel cells might revolutionise electricity production in the future

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The world population is estimated to reach 9.5 billion by 2050. Given that most of our current energy is generated from fossil fuels, this creates significant challenges when it comes to providing enough sustainable electricity while mitigating climate change. One idea that has gained traction over recent years...

New Hydrogen Powered Supercar can drive 1000 miles on a single tank

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Meet Hyperion XP-1 - a hydrogen-powered supercar which promises 1,000 miles on a single tank Hyperion - a US-based company - is betting on hydrogen-power for their new supercar. They believe that the car is not only an engineering masterpiece but a watershed moment for how people will...