#Fuel Cell

Did You Know Engineering – The hydrogen fuel cell was invented by a Victorian lawyer from Wales

2 years ago — Deep Dive

Let us start, in the spirit of steampunk, by imagining a new and different past. One that is just a little different to that which we currently have. So welcome...

Engineers showcase ‘Living Brick’ that might transform the way we live and work.

3 years ago — Long Read

Engineers from the University of the West of England (UWE), Bristol, have showcased a 'Living Brick' in Venice. The bricks contain a microbial fuel cell filled with natural -potentially programmable-...

Nissan developing fuel cells to generate electricity without combustion

4 years ago — Quick Read

Nissan hopes to revolution the automotive sector by developing e-Bio Fuel-Cell with an SOFC power generator - allowing its cars to produce electricity without combustion Nissan's Japanese engineers are said...