UK Startup fuses Engineering and Traditional Chocolate Making

UK Startup fuses Engineering and Traditional Chocolate Making

Candy Mechanics, a start-up based in London, has introduced the first 3D consumable product to be created directly from any smartphone – your own head made in chocolate.

The aptly named Lollipops brings 3D scanning and product personalisation to a mass audience – because what’s funnier than an edible version of your own cranium?

01 Capture video Candy Mechanics 02 3D Render Candy Mechanics 03 Lolpops Candy Mechanics

The company believe that creation process is straightforward enough that anyone with a smart-phone can create an edible version of their own head. Users are simply asked to upload a video of their own head against a white-wall. Once uploaded this is rendered as a 3D model and carved using the companies ‘Candy Carve’.

We look to make 3D scanning and product customisation accessible to a wide audience in a fun way that everyone can enjoy. In today’s selfie era, what is more, personal to give as a gift than your own face carved out of chocolate co-founder Sam Part

The company has collaborated with Autodesk and their Forge Developer platform to develop the process that puts the 3D capture technology from Autodesk Remake in the hands of their users.

While the final product looks similar to what you might expect from modern 3D printing. The ‘Candy Carve’ is actually a customised CNC mill.

You can pick up three heads for £20 in selection of white or milk chocolate. Each head is dusted with edible gold.

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