From a researcher – Ten ways to cut shipping’s contribution to climate change

3 months ago — Deep Dive

In the middle of this summer’s shocking fires and floods came the grimmest climate science report yet from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, warning of a “code red...

Sydney is currently on 100% renewable energy

1 year ago — Quick Read

'The City of Sydney' is now completely powered by green energy from solar and wind farms. 'The City of Sydney' ( a bit like the 'City of London' ) is...

Scotland plants 22 million trees in response to the global climate emergency

2 years ago — Quick Read

Last year 22 million trees planted in Scotland to help meet 'global climate emergency'. Last year Scotland planted more trees than anywhere else in the United Kingdom - in fact,...

Could Geoengineering be a cheap solution to Climate Change?

3 years ago — Long Read

A new study shows that sucking carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is a lot cheaper than Engineers initially thought. The estimated cost of new geoengineering technology to fight climate change...

Could farming giant seaweed feed fish and fix the climate?

4 years ago — Deep Dive

Climate change, food production and toxic pollution present huge challenges, but, scientist Tim Flannery believes, we already have innovative, practical and inspiring solutions. Solar energy has, until now, been limited...

Swiss Commercial Carbon-Capture plant set to open

5 years ago — Quick Read

Climeworks, a Swiss company, is proposing to get rid of greenhouse gases by feeding them into greenhouses.