Volvo Trucks ship first electric truck … made from fossil-free steel

engineering careers  Volvo Trucks ship first electric truck … made from fossil-free steel

Volvo Trucks have delivered the world’s first electric trucks which was built – in part – using fossil-free steel.

The Swedish multinational manufacturer is touting its use of fossil-free steel for its new electric vehicle as a world first as the initial batch of trucks are delivered to customers that include Amazon and Unilever, and logistics companies DFDS and Simon Loos.

Volvo FH Electric Amazon

The fossil-free steel used comes from Swedish manufacturer SSAB. SSAB is using old technology powered by new fossil-free electricity and hydrogen tech.

SSAB has been producing fossil-free steel for Volvo Group since last summer as part of Volvo Trucks’ strategy to lower its vehicles’ climate impact.

While electric vehicles will be critical to lowering ongoing emissions it has proven very difficult for companies to meet net-zero emissions targets in their supply chain.

Volvo has used this first steel produced with hydrogen in the truck’s frame rails – the backbone that runs through a truck. While green steel has been used in cars and smaller vehicles this is the first example of a company using it in the production of heavy-duty electric 44-tonne trucks.

While this is a promising start it is hoped that as the availability of fossil-free steel increases the company will introduce it into other parts of the truck.