Engineer scoops major award for his life saving breathing device

5 months ago — Quick Read

This years Commonwealth Innovation Awards has been awarded to Nitesh Kumar Jangir, an Indian engineer, who created a breathing device which prevents the deaths of newborn babies.

Engineers create reusable EpiPen

1 year ago — Long Read

A team of Engineers from South African have developed a new EpiPen that works using replaceable cartridges. While the 'ZiBiPen' costs £60; the cartridges cost only £12. This is a...

3D printing and origami set to improve bone implant outcomes

2 years ago — Quick Read

Engineers have pioneered a new low-cost technique for 3D printing that allows structures that fold themselves into different shapes - this advance could improve how surgeons create bone implants.

DNA Replication Filmed For The First Time

2 years ago — Long Read

Researchers have recorded up-close footage of a single DNA molecule replicates itself. New footage showing DNA Replication is raising questions about how we have always assumed the process works.

String Theory – Stanford Bioengineers develop the “Paperfuge”, a 20-cent hand-powered blood centrifuge

3 years ago — Long Read

Bioengineers working at Stanford have developed an ultra-low-cost, human-powered blood centrifuge. The "Paperfuge" has rotational speeds of up to 125,000 revolutions per minute, can separate blood plasma from red cells...

Britain set to become ‘global epicentre’ of biomedical engineering

3 years ago — Long Read

The Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) has awarded Imperial College London £20 million to develop a brand new biomedical engineering hub at its White City Campus. The HEFCE...