Bath University merges Art & Engineering in “Engineered Equanimity”

Bath University merges Art & Engineering in “Engineered Equanimity”

Bath University is celebrating the boundaries between Art and Engineering in their latest exhibition “Engineered Equanimity”.

“Engineered Equanimity” showcases work from Steven Pippin; mechanical sculptures exploring mass media, cosmology and quantum physics sit alongside a wind turbine that can generate energy from static electricity.

As a place that brings together the art in science and the science in art, The Edge is the perfect place to showcase Steven Pippin’s work. His interest in kinetic sculpture and engineering dovetails with University of Bath areas of research.Jamie Eastman, Director of Arts, University of Bath

Steven Pippin is well known for his to art, science and technology. His work has looked at everything from Newtonian mechanics to the production of renewable energy.
Pippin began his career as an engineer but started exploring art in the late 1980’s when he started turning everyday items, such as washing machines, into pinhole cameras.

Ω = 1

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We would argue that the most interesting exhibit is his 2003, Ω = 1. This sets a pencil on its tip and uses a combination of motors and sensors to keep it balanced.

Pippin pitches this as a metaphor describe the current state of the universe neither collapsing inward on itself nor flying outward; regardless of if you agree it is an engineering marvel.

Steven Pippin Omega 1 by Annik Wetter 6
Ω = 1 out of the display case – the exhibit works by sensing the movement of the pencil’s shadows and compensating on the pencils x/y axis.

The piece took Pippin 10 years of trial and error to successfully complete.

The exhibition is open to public at “The Edge” exhibition space on the eastern edge of Bath Universities campus

It is open Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 11-5pm with late night openings on Wednesday from 11-8pm.

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