Sustainable Futures Innovation Challenge – Devon trio scoop prize

engineering careers  Sustainable Futures Innovation Challenge – Devon trio scoop prize

Earlier this year the Royal Academy of Engineers invited young people to become engineers and share their ideas for innovations that work towards a sustainable future for our planet and our goal of reaching net zero as a country.

Students Delilah, Maisie, and Lucy from Colyton Grammar School in Devon scooped this years the Spirit of Engineering award. The three inventors demonstrated how seaweed could be used as an alternative to plastic with the creation of a reusable, edible container.

The ‘Sustainable Futures Innovation Challenge’ had asked anyone between 9 to 14 to come up with creative solutions to tackle some of the biggest problems that are creating carbon emissions and impacting our environment. In total students from 130 schools across the UK entered.

Candidates could could submit applications on one of four themes: travel and transport, food systems, our homes and habits, and our lifestyles and what we consume, we want students to think of an innovation in technology or society or an innovative system or product that could help address a specific problem they have identified within that bigger theme.

The team experimented with different types of local seaweed – calling their final invention Composta Wrap. The award not only takes into account the final product but recognised the quality of their presentation and short film that outlined the process.

The award of £2,500 will allow Colyton Grammar School to work with local universities to provide STEM experience days for their year 8 students.