Inspiring Engineers – Neon Turns One

2 months ago — Quick Read

Engineering inspiration site NEON is celebrating its first birthday today Launched on 29 September 2020 NEON promised to bring STEM to life by showcasing inclusive real-world engineering experiences. Since then...

Launch Prize opens to 12-19 year olds

1 year ago — Quick Read

The STEM-X Launch Prize has gone live. This unique virtual challenge is open to 12 - 19 year old and the prize is insane.

Exam Results 2020 – Why algorithms get things so wrong?

1 year ago — Quick Read

A-level results: why algorithms get things so wrong – and what we can do to fix them The scale of public anger over the automated downgrading of thousands of students’...

Cambridge students ‘Good Vibrations’ win IET Global Challenge Award

4 years ago — Quick Read

Three Cambridge Students - Siddharth Gupta, Gwilym Rowbottom, and Joshua de Gromoboy - have nabbed the prestigious IET Global Challenge award for their 'Weigh2Go' take on a system to accurately...

Cambridge Engineering Student grab first prize with robotic arm

4 years ago — Quick Read

A team of Student Engineers have grabbed first place at The Robotic Grasping and Manipulation Competition in Vancouver. The competition - organised by the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society -...

ICE Announces 2016 dates for QUEST Technician Scholarship

5 years ago — Quick Read

The Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) has announced it will be accepting applications for it's QUEST Technician Scholarship between October 10th and November 18th this year. The scholarship could lead...