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Will AI ‘SantaNet’ end up destroying the world?

6 months ago — Quick Read

The ghost of Christmas yet to come: how an AI 'SantaNet' might end up destroying the world Within the next few decades, according to some experts, we may see the...

4 ways microbial fuel cells might revolutionise electricity production in the future

6 months ago — Deep Dive

The world population is estimated to reach 9.5 billion by 2050. Given that most of our current energy is generated from fossil fuels, this creates significant challenges when it comes...

“Speak your mind” – Gamer Headset to help people with speech loss

7 months ago — Long Read

A student at the University of Baths 'ART-AI' centre has revealed a headset that uses a gaming headset to allow people with speech loss talk again using their thoughts.

Engineering Podcasts – The Undistilled Series

8 months ago — Quick Read

A new podcast from TWI is focusing on world-class experts as well as leading authorities from industry and academia. The series, The Undistilled Series, has just put out its first...

Recap – The Major quantum computational breakthrough that is shaking up physics and maths

10 months ago — Quick Read

Major quantum computational breakthrough is shaking up physics and maths MIP* = RE is not a typo. It is a groundbreaking discovery and the catchy title of a recent paper...

King’s College wants to better understand coronavirus through their new app

1 year ago — Long Read

King’s College has released a new app designed to allow people to self-report on their coronavirus symptoms so Scientists can better determine how fast the virus is spreading across different...