Engineering Chemicals

New CRISPR Technique Repairs Genetic Mutations in Human Embryos

4 years ago — Long Read

Researchers have revealed a new CRISPR technique which might prevent humans from passing on a potentially life-threatening genetic disorder.

Meet the Smart Bandages that changes colour when they detect infections

6 years ago — Long Read

The University of Bath is leading a trail of smart bandages using samples from burns patients from four UK hospitals. The bandage works by changing colour when it detects an...

US unanimously approves CRISPR in humans

6 years ago — Quick Read

The National Institute of Health’s Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee, a US ethics and biosafety panel, has permitted research to allow the use of CRISPR/cas9 in creating genetically altered immune cells to...

Nissan developing fuel cells to generate electricity without combustion

6 years ago — Quick Read

Nissan hopes to revolution the automotive sector by developing e-Bio Fuel-Cell with an SOFC power generator - allowing its cars to produce electricity without combustion Nissan's Japanese engineers are said...

Non-exploding lithium-ion batteries developed

6 years ago — Quick Read

A team of scientists from Stanford University in the US have announced a new design for a lithium-ion battery, believed by them to be less likely to explode. Due to...

IChemE appoints former Shell executive as new President

7 years ago — Quick Read

The Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) has appointed Dr Andrew Jamieson OBE as its 75th president. Jamieson, who worked for Royal Dutch Shell for 35 years and who was awarded...