engineering careers  Engineering in Focus – How Civil Engineers Can Cut Costs on Steel Buildings
engineering careers  Engineering in Focus – How Civil Engineers Can Cut Costs on Steel Buildings

When civil engineers are designing and constructing steel buildings, costs can quickly rise if you are not careful. However, there are many different ways to lower the costs of steel buildings. B

eing organized by having a plan in place and double-checking all of your orders are key ways to cut costs.

You can also cut costs by working with standard steel lengths and not using primed or painted steel pieces. If you are serious about cutting costs on steel buildings, you should focus on using certified fabricators and following the customer’s wishes. As a civil engineer, you can easily save money on steel buildings by following these tips

Have a plan in place before beginning any work.

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Just like with any business practice, you should have a plan in place before beginning any work. Having a plan in place allows you to create a schedule that will help lower costs because you won’t spend time guessing and can easily see if you will go over the building deadline or not. You can also cut costs because you will know how much of the materials you will need and when you will need them so you won’t lose any time waiting for products to come in. Creating a plan and schedule will also help you cut labor costs because you will know what days you need certain workers which will help the process be as efficient as possible.

Work with standard steel lengths.

By working with standard steel lengths, you will be able to lower costs because you won’t have to deal with cutting the material or an excess of scrap material. Often, larger steel pieces are less expensive to produce than smaller steel pieces with odd measurements because of all the work and waste that they require. When possible, try to use standard steel lengths, and when you have to use steel pieces requiring a cut, try to maximize cost savings by using the excess steel in other places.

Steer clear of changing any orders.

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Changing your steel orders will result in extra fees which will raise costs. To lower the costs on steel buildings, you should double check both your measurements and materials needed before placing any orders, and it doesn’t hurt to have someone else verify the order so you can ensure everything is correct. Of course, sometimes you will have to change an already placed order, but you should avoid this when possible.

Use certified fabricators.

Using certified fabricators is a smart way to cut costs on steel buildings. Certified fabricators must follow the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) standards and undergo frequent checks to ensure they are following the guidelines for industry best practices. When you use certified fabricators, problems with the steel can be spotted earlier on in the process which will save time and money in the end. Since certified fabricators must inspect the steel pieces before they are shipped, it cuts down on inspection time and money lost on delayed project time waiting on a proper piece to arrive.

Follow the customer’s wishes.

When constructing a steel building, it’s important to make sure it matches the customer’s version of the finished product. As the civil engineer, your job is to ensure the building is safe and meets the customer’s needs, and while the customer may want a steel building different from your wishes, it’s their building (and choice) at the end of the day. If the client isn’t satisfied and wants to make changes, it will increase costs so it’s best to make sure the customer is satisfied with the steel building throughout the process, including the design and construction aspects.

Don’t use primed or painted steel.

An easy way to cut costs on steel buildings is to not use primed or painted steel. Unless the steel pieces will be exposed and visible inside the building, having the steel pieces either primed or painted doesn’t matter. Instead, focus on saving that money by using plain steel and ensuring that the steel pieces you choose to use are property coated with fire protectants. Not only will using plain steel over primed or painted steel save money, but it helps with sustainability and green construction practices.

Steel buildings are an important part of both the engineering and construction industries. When working with steel buildings, it’s easy to lose control and let costs quickly mount, but if you take control of the project, it’s quite easy to lower costs and come in under budget.

Simple steps like using standard steel lengths and not using primed or painted steel can save you a large amount of money, and this is important for you, as the civil engineer, and the customer because saving money on steel buildings will leave both of you happy and satisfied with the work.