Sweden in race to turn steel green

9 months ago — Quick Read

Northern Sweden is seeing a race between two steel giants as they race to turn the technology green. H2 Green Steel has revealed plans for a €2.5 billion hydrogen-powered steel...

Engineering in Focus – Sheet Metal and its role in Machining

10 months ago — Long Read

Sheet metal is used in a huge number of industries - from automobile and truck (lorry) bodies, aeroplane fuselages and wings, medical tables, to the roofs for buildings - but...

Engineering in Focus – How Civil Engineers Can Cut Costs on Steel Buildings

1 year ago — Long Read

When civil engineers are designing and constructing steel buildings, costs can quickly rise if you are not careful. However, there are many different ways to lower the costs of steel...

Engineering in Focus – The Benefits of Pre-Engineered Steel and Metal Buildings

1 year ago — Long Read

The pre-designed steel and metal buildings have proven their worth by providing a change in the building and construction industry. This week we are looking at some of the benefits...

Hybrid fiberglass-concrete-steel technique produces harder, better, faster, stronger bridges

3 years ago — Quick Read

Civil engineering at the University of Queensland, Australia have developed a hybrid fibreglass-concrete-steel bridge technique which is three times stronger and three times lighter than existing methods.