With Brexit approaching the ICE makes the case for infrastructure

With Brexit approaching the ICE makes the case for infrastructure

The Institution of Civil Engineers has published a two-page summary report “Brexit – The Case for Infrastructure”. The report outlines out the contribution which infrastructure has made to the British economy.


The report highlights housing, communications, energy and transport as spreading opportunity across the UK. Tieing infrastructure to economic growth and improved quality of life. ICE suggest that infrastructure should be seen as “a catalyst for social and economic inclusion, encouraging greater participation in society from people of all walks of life“.

In terms of the economic contribution, ICE state that for every £1 invested into the countries infrastructure, the UK sees an additional bump in economic activity of £2.84.

ICE wants the Government to commit to continued infrastructure investment as it starts its Brexit negotiations.

This report follows an ICE announcement that it would be it would be co-operating with the other 37 organisations representing the engineering profession, led by the Royal Academy of Engineering, to ensure all sectors understand their dependence on engineering.

For more information visit ICE.org.uk

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