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VR improves balance in older people

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New Virtual Reality tech could help improve balance in older people. Computer Scientists at CAMERA have been investigating if VR technology can help prevent falls and concluded a range of VR techniques are extremely useful in assessing and improving balance issues. The team, from the University of Bath,...

“Speak your mind” – Gamer Headset to help people with speech loss

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A student at the University of Baths 'ART-AI' centre has revealed a headset that uses a gaming headset to allow people with speech loss talk again using their thoughts. The headset could have a positive impact on the lives of people who have suffered speech loss who...

Bath University merges Art & Engineering in “Engineered Equanimity”

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Bath University is celebrating the boundaries between Art and Engineering in their latest exhibition "Engineered Equanimity". "Engineered Equanimity" showcases work from Steven Pippin; mechanical sculptures exploring mass media, cosmology and quantum physics sit alongside a wind turbine that can generate energy from static electricity. As a place...