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VR improves balance in older people

5 months ago — Long Read

New Virtual Reality tech could help improve balance in older people. Computer Scientists at CAMERA have been investigating if VR technology can help prevent falls and concluded a range of...

“Speak your mind” – Gamer Headset to help people with speech loss

11 months ago — Long Read

A student at the University of Baths 'ART-AI' centre has revealed a headset that uses a gaming headset to allow people with speech loss talk again using their thoughts.

Bath University merges Art & Engineering in “Engineered Equanimity”

4 years ago — Quick Read

Bath University is celebrating the boundaries between Art and Engineering in their latest exhibition "Engineered Equanimity".

Bath University Expands on Success of last years Nuffield Research Placement

5 years ago — Quick Read

The University of Bath is encouraging both Academics and Phd students to offer a Nuffield Research Placement this summer to Year 12 students.

University of Bath celebrates achievements of women in STEM with “Sulis Minerva Day”

5 years ago — Long Read

May 11th will see the University of Bath celebrate the achievements of women in science, engineering, technology and maths with "Sulis Minerva Day".

Medical dressing that changes colour could save lives

6 years ago — Quick Read

Researchers from Bath University are developing a medical dressing that changes colour to indicate infection. The dressing works by releasing fluorescent dye from small capsules and changing colour when it...