#Net Zero

Ceres Power wins the 2023 MacRobert Award for engineering innovation

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The need for sustainable energy solutions has never been more urgent in a world grappling with the climate crisis. Enter Ceres Power, an energy technology company with roots at Imperial College London. This innovative company has been named the winner of the 2023 MacRobert Award, the UK’s most...

The Langarth Deep Geothermal Heat Network: A Pioneering Step Towards Sustainable Heat

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In the realm of renewable energy, geothermal power holds a unique position. Tapping into the Earth's natural heat offers a clean, sustainable solution for our ever-increasing energy demands. A significant step forward in this direction is underway in Cornwall, UK, with the Langarth Deep Geothermal Heat Network,...

What to Watch Out on World Engineering Day 2023

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Today, March 4th, 2023, marks a significant day for the engineering community as we celebrate World Engineering Day. The day serves as a reminder of the critical role engineering plays in shaping our modern world, creating sustainable solutions for global challenges, and driving economic growth. As we face...